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Implementing Artificial Intelligence into your current business applications or creating new, AI- based solutions for your business problems is currently the easiest and most cost-effective way to gain massive competitive advantage on your way to your business success.

Productization of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies is an exciting task with incredible opportunities for expansion, innovation and impact on your business. With access to enormous amounts of data along with facilitation of algorithmic and hardware advancements we are transferring AI from research and academic sphere to business, improve your existing processes, increasing added value and improving your business bottom-line creating more profit.

WHredCircle ARE WE?

We are the Business AI leader in the region, bringing complete, custom-made business AI solutions with measurable added value to your business.

WHAT DO WE DredCircle?

  • Transform and accelerate innovation and digitalization of business with the help of AI.
  • Develop new talent capable of deploying high level knowledge of AI technologies to real world, business applications.
  • Facilitate national and international cooperation in business AI.
  • Tackle societal challenges with the use of AI technologies
  • Design and implement explainable, AI solutions bringing added value and increasing revenues and profit.
  • Connect academia and businesses to provide state-of-the-art solutions to answer the needs of business & society.
  • Promote ethical, transparent and inclusive AI.


Artificial Intelligence as a business service

Data is the core of every system, whether you are a small “home-office” company or large enterprise. In every case, you generate data at every step of your business processes or decisions you make. Why not take leverage of this hidden knowledge?

The core of Data Science lies in efficient data representation and transformation for further re-use. You might think that just gathering data is enough to run sophisticated AI approaches. It may sound OK, but the quality of the result is unbreakably linked to the quality of input data. Successful development and deployment of AI solution as a business solution demands best possible knowledge of all business data, processes, demands, knowledge and other systems of the organization or business - and of course results that should be achieved.

That is why, in your collaboration with Ineor AI team, we’ll integrate our teams to teach you how to work with the data, reorganize your data lakes, and in the last step turn them into measurable business results. To achieve best possible results, we integrate our team into your organization and processes to observe your whole data economy and provide solutions tailor made for you. These solutions are not limited to in-house analytics - the knowledge and insights of your products or services on the market can give you lots of implicit findings.


After our work together you will see positive results of using our business AI solutions for some of your specific problems, and then we’ll continue to help you on more and more of your wishes and challenges. During the collaboration we’ll strive to support all of your products and domains you are working with and in. Our collaboration is open, and your team’s knowledge will be growing during our cooperation. After we achieve the point of you being independent player in the business AI field, we can help you set up your own business AI innovation center.

Our goal is not just to provide a black-box AI solutions for you and then leave. Success for us is to first analyze your AI problems (or find business areas in which you could us them for the first time), so you can see what can be done, and then work together with you to

  • set up your own independent AI teams and develop solutions together or,
  • develop and deploy business AI solutions for you and educate on your tem not only on their internal workings, but also how to maintain and improve them (with our help, if necessary).


  • Consulting and analysis of your data, processes, products and needs to find optimal business AI solutions bringing added value to your business producing and implementing business AI solutions by our team solving more complex demands with integrated teams, producing up to 5 small AI solutions (enterprise package)
  • Long term cooperation with complete business AI ecosystem for enterprise
  • Long term cooperation with knowledge transfer to your team
  • Long term cooperation and set up of your own AI center
  • Business AI upgrade of existing technologies/solutions


  • Teach you how to work with data and recognize your data lakes
  • Observe your whole data economy and provide solutions for you
  • Strive to support all of your products and domains you are working with and in
  • Your teams knowledge is growing together with ours
  • Achieve the point of you being independent player in the AI field, we’ll help you set up your own AI innovation center
  • Set up your own independent AI teams or at least being there for you for constant support to your teams.

Transparent, ethical, inclusive and explainable AI

We are aware that AI should follow regulations and that is why we offer full transparency with additional explanation and analysis during the development. We take special care that our models are not used to discriminate against people but help them get better insights instead. Although some results of the analyses may be difficult to interpret, we use our knowledge of data wrangling, representations and visualizations to explain correlations between data, model parameters and final results.

Actionable analytics

Show us the data and we will try to extract additional value to improve your solutions, services or ease user experience for your customers.

AI academy

With the help of world-renowned AI experts from academia and industry we designed a complementary learning path for the AI engineers. We provide our own certification scheme that is obligatory for every new employee. Additionally, we prepared additional courses for you so that you can learn as much as possible from the solutions or models we can provide for your domain.



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Date of publication: 17.10.2022

We are glad to announce that we are part of the Pharaon project! The Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing is a Horizon 2020 project to improve the dignity, independence, and wellbeing of older adults by providing enhanced smart and active living solutions. 👵🏻📲 With our risk-management solution “CareRisk”, we were selected to participate in the Slovenian pilot with a clear objective: healthy ageing! More info about the project: Here

The EU is ageing and in need of care – here is how AI can help.

Date of publication: 9.12.2022

According to Statista , Europe has the largest aging population in the world, and this calls for an audit of unmet healthcare needs and a rethink of the way we ensure smart and active living for Europe's ageing population. Advanced ICT solutions enabled by the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can make this a reality!

Demographic changes and the ageing population result in increased number of people who depend on the help and care from others.

Thus, the elderly care sector is growing steadily and is comprehensively expanding in size and costs. One of the bigger challenges for geriatricians is how to effectively monitor and prevent the loss of functional abilities of elderly people to maintain or improve their quality of life.

Effective ICT solutions can bridge the gaps between the health caregivers and recipients, focusing on social determinants of health and preventive measures to reduce human and financial burden of chronic diseases and aging-related problems while also providing person-centred care.

We recognized that the PHArA-ON project’s platforms provide a good insight into everyday life of the care recipients and allow for automatic detection of different anomalies. With this we can be proactive – we can predict and manage the risks of the elderly not being as physically active as needed in order to retain their health.

That is why we are honoured to be a part of Horizon’s 2020, The Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing (PHArA-ON) project, to improve the dignity, independence, and wellbeing of older adults by providing enhanced smart and active living solutions.

Our solution, CareRisk, will gather data from wearables (smart bands that record vital signs, activity, etc.), indoor environmental sensors (temperature, CO2, etc.) or other accessible data available through the PHArA-ON platform to create personalized models for elderly to keep them in a good shape. CareRisk will send notifications to the elderly via SenLab’s TV system or SeniorsPhone. Alarms and risks along with action plans will be shown in the main management interface to the caregivers - all by keeping the user’s (elderly and their caregivers) needs in the centre of attention. Because at the heart of our solutions there is always a human.

Six large-scale pilots have already been launched in five European countries: Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Netherlands. Our risk-management solution “CareRisk” will be deployed and tested in Slovenia in the upcoming weeks.

We are proud to be a part of the AI transformation of Europe’s healthcare, starting right here at home, in Slovenia.